Concordia International College

Concordia in the Philippines

Concordia International College is a worldwide private college that provides the highest quality of academic career programs to our local and international students in areas of the highest need. Our headquarters was established in 2001 in Vancouver, Canada and 2011 in Los Angeles, California, since then Concordia Foundation expanded in the global market to several International locations in Canada, South Korea, Australia, Europe and in Philippines known as the Concordia International College of Asia and the Pacific, Inc.

As you enroll in one of the Concordia's premier programs, your study experience will offer you balance of personal, cultural and intellectual thinkers. These internationally acclaimed programs are recognized globally by schools as a benchmark of quality in education. We are in the privileged position of offering Diploma Programs with unrivalled expertise.

The very nature of our university gives all learners the optimal environment to succeed academically worldwide both through face-to-face as well as E-learning distance education through the use of leading-edge technologies.

Through embracing a diversity of socioeconomic, cultural, and racial backgrounds, Concordia International College creates an inclusive community of learning where students challenged to reach their fullest and potential - while at Concordia and beyond.

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