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We provide students the opportunity to achieve academic and professional success in an international society by presenting a comprehensive and supportive educational experience.

School of Education


(Diploma in Teaching English To Speakers of Other Languages)
TESOL course will equip you with the theory and skills to teach English as a second/foreign language at a number of different levels. The course covers a number of different ESL/EFL philosophies and approaches to teaching and attempts to discuss them in relation to current and relevant contexts. The course aims to teach the trainee teachers to develop and adapt materials and resources and encourages them to become independent, creative and flexible teachers.


(Diploma in Teaching English to Children)
Concordia International College TEC course focuses on preparing future teachers for a specific age group of students (namely from age two to twelve) by familiarizing them with teaching methods and the developmental stages of children. TEC Instructors focus on a variety of methodologies, classroom disciplines, and combination of methods to find what approach works best in a TEC classroom.


(International English Language Testing System)
IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is designed to assess the language ability of candidates who want to study or work where English is the language of communication.


(English as a Second Language)
ESL stands for English as a Second Language. It is designed to help students improve their English language skills. We utilize the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) to assess students based on 4 skills – Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing.

School of Business and Accounts


(Diploma in Business and Development)
The Business and Development Program at Concordia International University is designed to help students identify and define the different types of diversity in the workplace and other organizations to keep up with our changing global environment. It offers practical tips on how to better understand, embrace and manage business diversity to create a more productive organization.


(Interview Master Program)
Interview Master Program is taken after students have finished their course and are ready to move on to the next level of taking all their knowledge and skills learned in the class and implement them in the real world. This course is designed to help students as they go through numerous job interviews. It will prepare them with all the information they need to know and with skills in answering questions during application interviews that will land them in their preferred position.


(Basic Management Program)
This course is primarily aimed at first line supervisors and other key personnel, who are identified by their organization as HIGH POTENTIAL INDIVIDUALS and are being considered for broader management responsibilities.


(Executive Management Program)
This course is designed to aims to further enhance the ability of the participants to develop a participants’ strategic and holistic perspective in meeting go the challenges of a highly dynamic external business environment through the discussion of the key concepts and principles of the functional areas of marketing, operations, human resource, and finance and their application in various industry settings.


(Occupational Information Specialist on Job Category Creation)
This course trains students to create relevant sources of information about occupations using technology. It focuses on students to research on full range of information about specific industries, occupations, and careers, such as qualification, job duties, educational requirements, working conditions and work settings, compensation and current job vacancies (O'Reilly) that contributes in initiating the need to create new jobs category.


(Learning Environment Specialist)
This course focuses on designing innovative learning environments that will engage students in the learning process. It will help equip educators to design spaces and environment that enable learning more conducive for students in all levels and become a learning environment specialist.

School of Arts and Sciences


(Diploma in Translation)
Introduction to translation is designed to familiarize students with the norms that governing translation of one’s Language to another. It will help students to conduct properly as they work as a translator in the future. In this course students will be engage in methods and techniques on translation. They will also be exposed to predisposing factors relating to translating different languages and people that can affect such translation to other individuals.


(Diploma in Interpretation)
Introduction to Interpretation prepares students by teaching basic interpretation skills. The course will provide fundamental information such as information on laws, culture and society that can affect language interpretation practices. In this course, students will discuss the proper techniques and methodology in order to correctly interpret. All factors concerning the course will also be discussed with precision and efficiency.

School of Hospitality and Tourism Management


(Hospitality and Tourism Communication)
This course is designed to train students to be effective professionals dealing with people relations. In this course, students will be exposed the roles and responsibilities in managing a hotel as well as develop communication and leadership skills in dealing with clients and co-workers in order to be marketable to the hotel industry.

1 Year HTM

2 Years HTM

(1 Year or 2 Years Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management)
Our Hospitality and Tourism Management program enables students to customize their career experience to suit their interests and talents and prepares them for a successful career in the hospitality and tourism sector. Concordia HTM program will train students to enter this field in a confident manner. Students will be challenged by the curriculum which covers the most essential skills necessary for employment success.


(Diploma in Airline Service)
This course is designed for the students who want to work for a regional, corporate, or charter airline. In this course, students are exposed to the roles and responsibilities they have to keep as flight attendants as well as develop communication and leadership skills in dealing with passengers.

School of Information Technology

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

School of Polytechnic Program


CCTV (Security Specialist Program)

School of Health, Sports and Exercise Sciences


(Diploma in Taekwondo Instructor Teaching)
The Concordia School of Health, Sport and Exercise Sciences stresses the importance of good health and healthy lifestyle. It is designed to create an atmosphere that maintains equilibrium in mental and physical fitness as it teaches discipline, coordination, self-control in all facets of life. It provides instructional materials both on the theoretical and practical aspects of overall health as well as a lifelong habit of fitness that will strengthen the mind, body and whole well-being.

Detox Specialist

(Detox Specialist Program)
Detox Specialist is a nutrition consultant specialized in assessment and consultation for detoxification diet. As a Detox Specialist, the consultant is responsible to conduct dietary assessment to determine the patient's need for detoxification, formulate a detoxification plan for a patient including diet & exercise plan, and life style change, help patient to execute the plan, and Follow up the outcome of the plan.

SPA Management System

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