Course Fees

School of Education TESOL (4 weeks) Php 20,000
TEC (4 weeks) Php 20,000
TESOL + TEC (4 weeks) Php 30,000
School of Business and Accounts BDEV  
Basic Managemet Program  
Executive Management Program  
School of Linguistics DTI (4 weeks) Php 40,000
DT (4 weeks) Php 20,000
DI (4 weeks) Php 20,000
School of Hospitality and Tourism Management HTM (4 weeks) Php 20,000
HTM (1 year) USD 1,250
HTM (2 years) USD 2,250
School of Information Technology Adobe Illustrator  
Adobe Photoshop  
School of Polytechnic Program LED  
CCTV (Security Specialist Program)  
School of Health, Sports and Exercise Sciences Detox Specialist  
SPA Management System  
※Bank Account Details are available upon submitting all requirements in the Student Application System.
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